HAARP : BREAKING NEWS : TURKEY : Earthquake was US attack : All over the Turkish Mainstream Media 75 million more awaken to weather weapons used on them

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This map shows a planned new country which doesn’t yet exist. The US/NATO have plans to remove the borders created by the British Empire, and divide the Middle East according to its tribal origins. NATO-member Turkey is shocked by the implications.

A ‘flash’ report received in the Kremlin today from the Black Sea Fleet states that the United States has attacked Turkey with one of its feared “Earthquake Weapons” in retaliation for that Eurasian nation’s massive invasion of Northern Iraq this past week.

According to this report, Russian monitoring stations in and around the Black Sea began monitoring a “rapid” heating of the ionosphere over the past 36 hours that culminated a couple of hours ago with a massive 7.3 magnitude earthquake striking eastern Turkey.

Important to note is that the heating of the ionosphere is a “trademark” of the “Earthquake Weapon” employed by the United States from their HAARP facilities located around the world and controlled from their main base in Alaska and was last detected being used this pat March against Japan and causing a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake leading to the deaths of over 36,000.

As we had, also, reported on in our 14 January 2010 report US Quake Test Goes “Horribly Wrong”, Leaves 500,000 Dead In Haiti about these weapons:
“Though virtually unknown to the American people, the use, and perfection, of earthquake weapon technology has a decade’s long history that began with the former Soviet Unions exploding of a 10 megaton nuclear bomb in September, 1978 and then ‘redirecting’ its shockwave towards Iran where it resulted in a catastrophic 7.4 magnitude earthquake, an event which hastened the downfall of the US backed regime headed by the Shah.

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2 comments on “HAARP : BREAKING NEWS : TURKEY : Earthquake was US attack : All over the Turkish Mainstream Media 75 million more awaken to weather weapons used on them

    • Well Fernando Just look and you will see without any danger that CHURCHES where the focal point Lorca in Spain brought the church bell crashing down just like those in italy
      So yes but if you get really good you can back work the HAARP signals on your computer and see where it was aimed at
      Please feel free to comment on my posts
      And I thank you

      Hasta Hora

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