Benjamin Fulford ; Oath Keeper Add on : Chicago prepares for the big meeting and Putin Squares up to Obummer : Whose Cats eyes will turn away first will cave in

RE: Question from an Oath Keeper


Thank you again for your continued correspondence.  It makes sense that the Chen incident was a PR stunt, as they needed some cover for Clinton and Geithner being in China to grovel.  I have been paying careful attention to the news being given here in the U.S. by ‘Drake’, and he recently made a statement that corroborates what you are saying.
I do sincerely hope that the plan to arrest these people and put an end to this is close at hand.  The recent statements made by General Nikolai Makarov in regards to the possibility of Russia using preemptive force against the U.S./NATO missile defense system, which is set to be unveiled at the NATO summit on May 20-21st, (which will follow the G8 summit at Camp David, where Putin will meet with Obama), is the most frightening talk in my lifetime.  If this is saber-rattling, then they’ve officially got my attention; and the attention of all within Oath Keepers.  This is not Ahmadinejad throwing around hollow banter; this is coming from the highest levels of the Russian leadership.  Putin himself put forth a decree today issuing the same type of warning.  On top of this, we’ve got the impending joint U.S./Russian special forces exercises on May 21-24 to “seize and hold” the Denver International Airport and the headquarters of both the CIA and the NSA.  All of this goes on while Americans are fast asleep.
Perhaps May 20th will come and go without so much as a whimper, but this concerns me greatly.  You say that these oligarchs have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, but they are turning Chicago into a massive police city in preparation for the NATO summit, and are officially stating that they will be using Joliet Prison, an old, abandoned ‘gulag’, as an internment center for protesters.  All that we can do, (those of us not ‘in the know’ in regards to the supposed planned mass arrests), is to go off what we are seeing and hearing, and it’s all very worrisome.  If what Drake is reporting is correct, then these arrests should take place sometime in the next few weeks, and the new financial system implemented.  If not, then we’ve got a very serious situation on our hands.  We in Oath Keepers will continue to follow every angle that we can.  The dam seems ready to break.  The question is, will the water trickle out and will we repair the dam, or will the water wash us over?  Many of us are prepped and ready to bug out to safer ground, as we all sense that something is close at hand.  But who really knows how much longer they can prop up this phony system?  I am maintaining that what is coming may not be as nefarious as some believe.  I will continue to keep a close eye on your news reports, and hopefully catch the trigger point before it happens.


To the oath-keepers and all patriots,

Remember that what is closest to you is most important. General Patton had a 2 million man army but was murdered because of people who were personally close to him. Make sure you and your most trusted colleagues and family have contingency plans for your own immediate surroundings. If there is any action you can personally take, take it. Worry about the rest of the world only after you have done that. Thank you.


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