Zen Gardner : Are you really getting this??


Zen doing his stuff again and again


Mike Philbin : Occupy Bildeberg ; this is going viral: NWO is now exposed : lets make this viral

Occupy Bilderberg 2012 – New World Order goes mainstream

when RUSSIA TODAY goes into intimate financial detail about The Bilderberg Club and The New World Order, you know this is the start of something very exciting.

and here’s another hymn from the Revelation sheet, this time from Mark Dice. But mainstream media won’t do shit, they’re IN THE POCKET. They’re PAID to do as they’re told. They can’t bite the hand that feeds.

Corporate infiltration of THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA happened in the 1900s when thirty or so major American newspapers were bought out, ensuring only the Jeckyl Island message would be the one they broadcast to the sleeping masses, the mesmerised sheople, your fathers and your mothers, your grannies and your grampies.

Free Energy : Who wants to be a role model of a free Energy Machine in their homes : I will provide the machine And you will benefit: All aboard the Ashtar Command

Free energy zones.

Free energy zones will be areas of designation that are provided to supply clean and free without charge or cost energy to those in these areas willing to participate in these projects. What we would like to do is put aside your current means of supplying your households with energy and installing a new technology that will better improve the efficiency and the supply of clean energy into your home. These projects will be performed on a worldwide level and there will come a time when each and every household on your planet will be furnished this technological advancement that will supply clean energy without a cost to the subscriber of this technology.

To participate in this program, we ask those of you who are willing to make certain changes in your household to make their names available to us either telepathically or through posting or commenting throughout your online social networks and we will enter your name into our database for consideration for this advancement in your home. What this technology entails is an entirely new way to harness energy from the atmosphere surrounding your planet. This area of your planet is known to you as the stratosphere, and it is here that energy is available for this kind of use through the implementation of a device that is installed in a home or dwelling. This device will pick up radiating energy that encircles your planet. It will then clean and purify this energy before its use to power appliances, heating and lighting in your home. What it will not do is power automobiles, trains, buses and airplanes, but we have other means to power these systems of transportation that at this time are important to your world.
We would like to begin the implementation of these energy devices in the homes of those of you willing to participate in our initial programs to introduce this technology to your world. We will be monitoring the publicly accessible areas of your online social networks to monitor your responses to our offer. We hope to see a large number of you willing to participate in this program, as we feel a large number of you utilizing this technology will act as an icebreaker for many of our other projects that we wish to implement that will advance your world greatly and benefit so many.

We wish to begin the implementation of these energy devices in the months ahead, no later than September, although always keep in mind that timelines are fluid and unforeseeable schedule changes do occur for a myriad of reasons and complications concerning the matter of your criminal cabal. They, of course, will not be very pleased to discover that we are now going to go ahead with the distribution of these free energy devices. This is one of the larger points of their discussions amongst themselves, as they perceive this as a great blow to their power. We relish the opportunity to take away so much of their stolen power and deal a blow to their illegal and unconstitutional empire. These factions of your criminal organizations will begin to see the destruction of their power structure immediately upon the implementation of these free energy devices, as it is the hoarding of energy and its ransom like sale to you, the people, which has lined the pockets of many members of your criminal cabal with riches.

By taking back your right to pure, clean energy, you are taking back your right to exist on your planet without having to pay someone rent, tax or tribute in any way. This is one of our main goals here in your world and we, the Galactic Federation of Light, will not leave here until you, our brothers and sisters of Earth, are freed from the tyrannical control of these dark masters. Breaking you free from the bondage of heavy taxation and extortion for energy that can easily be provided to each and every being on your planet completely free of charge is a task we are committed to accomplishing, as we see this as a major tipping point to who yields the power in your world. We wish to give the power back to you, the people, and set certain rules and guidelines to ensure that the people will forever be in power here before we depart to again assist another world break free from the limitations that currently bind them to lives of drudgery, toil and limited freedoms, rights and rights of expression.

Our job here is not nearly complete, as there is a great amount of work to be done by us as well as by you. Help us help you make these changes throughout your society by dispensing this information as far and as wide as you can. Do not allow the snickering and the bickering of some that have yet to see the greater picture dismay you in any way from your task of being a fountain of information for these new ideas and concepts. As we have advised you, you will be seen as a pioneer of your new world, as in the days ahead all will see that what you speak of today is a sneak peek into the future of everyone that calls this lovely planet their home.

To read the entire article and register for one please put your details in the comments section on my site or join the Ashtar Command

Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/message-from-the-galactic-federation-of-light-5-28-12?commentId=2859786%3AComment%3A1618003#ixzz1wII2BgQM

Vatican banksters: Do what they want and dispose of who they want and this allows for very special form of Corruption


It seems to be too big of a challenge for most people to understand that the Vatican, the City of London and Washington DC are like little countries or states unto themselves. They have their own laws. (That is why the President’s executive orders only pertains to residents of DC and those within the federal government.) These three entities are the controlling arms of the global cabal. The Vatican is the religious arm; the City of London is the financial arm; and DC is the military arm. All three are completely controlled by the globalists with sole designs of controlling all countries and all people. Up to now, they have been making giant strides toward their New World Order.


It’s a church! No, it’s a state! Stop! You’re both right!

Why We are Still in the Middle Ages: The Vatican Inquisition Strikes Back

By Kevin D. Annett

complete article on RumorMillNews here


Benjamin Fulford Blog : 28th May 2012 In Full : Weekly news and geopolitics news

May 28, 2012 

The final showdown in the ongoing financial war is appearing imminent. The 140 nation BRICS alliance is preparing to offer to buy up all cash US dollars and replace them with a new currency backed by a basket of commodities, including precious metals, according to multiple sources. After that move, any money printed by the US Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate would not be accepted as currency by the 140 nation group. This would force an end game for the criminal cabal that illegally seized power in the United States.
Before that move, though, there will be a 5-day bank holiday in Europe followed by the end of the Euro and the re-introduction of old national currencies like the Deutschemark and the Drachma, Rothschild family sources say. The situation, however, remains highly volatile and there are signs of dangerous end-game maneuvers by the cabal.
In Japan, the attempt by the cabal controlled media to create panic over the nuclear terrorism at Fukushima, is being accompanied by renewed threats of nuclear terror. The deep sea drilling ship Chikyu Maru has been spotted off the shore of the Rokkasho Mura nuclear complex in Aomori Prefecture Japan, according to Japanese military intelligence. The ship is crewed by Americans and brainwashed Japanese slaves.
Rokkasho Mura is the location of a giant plutonium processing complex that has already produced enough plutonium to manufacture 5000 nuclear weapons. Sending the Chikyu Maru to drill tactical nuclear warheads into the seabed off the shore of Rokkasho Mura is a cabal attempt to blackmail the planet with a nuclear holocaust.
Shoichiro Kobayashi, adviser to Kansai Electric Power, and Yoshiyasu Sato, adviser to Tokyo Electric Power and both members of the Rothschild crime syndicate’s Trilateral commission will be taken in for vigorous questioning about their knowledge of this renewed terror threat. They are expected to sing like canaries and point their fingers directly at the Rockefeller gangsters behind these latest terror threats.
Message to the Rockefeller family: Remove David, David Junior, Nicholas and J. from all responsibility and hand over control of the Rockefeller syndicate to the female members of that family. If you do not, every single descendant of John Rockefeller will be hunted down and eliminated from all levels of existence forever.
While we are at it, we would also like to kindly request that the Du Pont family remove all carcinogens and infertility causing chemicals from their product lines in Japan and elsewhere.
Sources in the Japanese underworld are also now reporting that the Inagawa Kai and Yamaguchi Gumi yakuza gangs are split between those who are still working for the committee of 300 and those who want to restore Japanese independence. The talk is that top committee of 300 traitor slaves Yasuhiro Nakasone and Junichiro Koizumi are headed for punishment from heaven.
Question for Nakasone: “What was in all those blue boxes your people loaded into a submarine and sent to your North Korean homeland?” Was it documentary evidence of your crimes or were you sending Japanese plutonium to North Korea?
The other people on the crime list in Japan are Hisashi Owada from the International Court of Justice and Eiji Katsu from the Ministry of Finance. Owada’s daughter, Princess Masako, recently tried to poison the Japanese Emperor, according to families inside the Royal Household Agency.
The Emperor recently returned from England where he discussed the White Dragon Society, among other subjects, with the Queen. A representative of the emperor asked for a meeting with a representative of the White Dragon Society on May 26th, but the between was abruptly postponed by the Emperor’s side. We do not know why.
We trust the Emperor and the Queen agreed to purge the Satanists from the committee of 300 and support a massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. Hand written letters will be delivered to both parties requesting support for such a campaign and requesting their voluntary appearance before a truth and reconciliation committee.
Returning to the situation in Europe, we notice most of the reporting about the “financial crisis,” there leaves out the elephant in the living room, i.e. the 140 nation BRICS alliance.
The link to the following map explains the real reason for the crisis:
Basically, Europe has maxed out its credit card with the rest of the world. The region as a whole needs to negotiate a restructuring of its debt to the rest of the world. The rest of the world is asking for an end to ceaseless warmongering in return. The only European country other than Germany that has enough money to solve the crisis without reference of the rest of the world is Russia. Give Putin a call.
Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, the longest serving Finance Minister in the G8 and a direct participant in the financial negotiations of the past few years, explains the situation very clearly in this op-ed:
Basically, he is saying the Europeans need to take their medicine just like all other countries that went to the IMF for money in the past had to.
The firing of the head of the Vatican bank last week and the turmoil in the Vatican are more signs of the end of an era in Europe.
The situation in the US is also coming to a head. A very senior US agency source asked that the following information be spread far and wide:
President Obama’s social security number 042-68-4425 belonged to a John Paul Ludwig born in 1890. Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, worked in a probate office in Hawaii where she had access to social security numbers of deceased individuals. Because Ludwig never received Social Security Benefits, there were no benefits to stop, therefore no questions were ever raised.
Dunham, knowing her grandson was not a US citizen, because he was born in Kenya and became a citizen of Indonesia upon his adoption, she scoured the probate records until she found someone who died who was not getting benefits and selected Mr. Ludwig’s for Obama, the agency official explained.
Detailed, indictable criminal evidence against Henry Kissinger was also provided by sources in Indonesia. Basically, Kissinger was involved in the murder of 14,000 Indonesians in Papua New Guinea to facilitate gold mining by Freeport, a company Kissinger advises. Kissinger gets $500,000 a year from them as a board member and gets another $500,000 in consulting fees.
In any case once the corporate government of the US is put out of business, the Renminbi will become the currency of the world. The date given by two insiders for this event is September 16th. We again remind readers that many dates have come and gone without predictions turning true so please remain skeptical and only believe 100% when you actually see it happen.
However, it is true that China has been systematically buying up all natural products like trees, copper, farmland or anything tangible to back a reality based currency.

Cobra Intel : Portal 2012 ; Venus to transit across the sun Details ; and expect the energies to hit earth

After the great success of World Liberation Day and even greater success of Reboot of the Grid, our efforts for planetary liberation continue. This time, we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the exact time of the Venus transit on June 5th. Masses will gather and visualize the arrival of the Goddess energy so that for the first time in 5000 years we will have the chance to co-create our own spiritual destiny in harmony and replace the outdated society of war and conflict with a more advanced one of spiritual understanding. We need to have 144,000 people doing this visualization with focus to achieve the desired effect.
On June 5th/6th there will be a Venus transit, a rare cosmic event when planet Venus passes in front of the solar disk. This Venus transit will mark a completion of the 8 year cycle of the Return of the Goddess which started with a previous Venus transit in 2004. Goddess energy is a pure feminine essence of Love that will help us easing the planetary liberation process. Both masculine energies of action and feminine energies of receptivity are needed to complete this process successfully. Removal of all dark entities will be a direct consequence of a newly achieved balance of female and male energies on this planet.
Now go to full post on Portal 2012 and see what to expect

Zen Gardner : terraforming of Earth : If anyone needs to know why Mass Arrests are needed : READ THIS ARTICLE

by Zen Gardner

This is about as creepy as it gets. But it’s right in front of our eyes.

Our planet is clearly under attack. Anyone even half awake can see the world today is careening towards disaster when there is no reason for it. Our resources are plentiful, and the vast majority of people on earth are loving, ethical and well meaning individuals.

However, those in places of authority and economic power appear to clearly be maniacal psychopaths constantly scheming for new ways to use and abuse humanity and its beautiful home called Earth, or Terra.

As in Terraforming. We’ll get to that.

You name it. Politically, economically, socially, environmentally. It appears we’ve been literally invaded by something foreign to our world and are being systematically abused, dismantled and destroyed.

Just Look at the Nuclear Nightmare No One Notices

Nuclear radiation is now officially off the charts! Never mind the constant death-dealing spray of radiation from Fukus-up-shima, humanity’s being dosed from every which way on this insane planet.

Radiation from decades of nuclear bomb tests, Fukushima showers,  TSA checkpoints, medical offices, irradiated food, depleted uranium used in the war forum and industrial parts and elsewhere, leaking nuclear reactors…it’s pathetic.

And that’s not including the electromagnetic radiation baking anyone near cell masts or GWEN towers, holding cell phones to their ears, smart meters, and living in an electromagnetic smog of crossing powerlines and wifi on top of it.

And that’s all we know about.

And that doesn’t include the chemtrails and other insane geoengineering “experiments”, managed mega oil disasters and the toxification of our water table via gas fracking and other means, never mind the mad wars being waged worldwide, etc.

It’s berserk and has a source.

Read more here


Mass Arrests : What is really going on? Are they happening or Will they Happen Or not? : Full report here

Here is a full report about the The Great Expectation of all time

Mass Arrests of the global Elite ( Cabal, illuminati, luciferian worshippers, Satanic Freemasons

1) White Hats Report #40

Dr Michael Herzog and Sir Joseph Birch Arrested by German police

here is the details


This will almost certainly lead to the arrest of Jeb Bush Mitt Romney Bush Senior and Tony Blair and chief of Vatican and J P Morgan

As these are disclosing illicit corruption in the western governments at top level

2) Lord Blackheath exposes $15Trillion in House of Lords

Ramifications HSBC. RBS. Citi Bank. Credit Suisse. Federal Reserve. J P Morgan, all implicated but no arrests because the perpetrators are all covered by the National Securities Act

Here is the video

However the money all $15 Trillion of it is still missing and the story is on going

Please read White Hats Report #41


Plus Davos The Financial Forums of World banksters exposed in $16 trillion or more going missing stolen from Italy The owner of these gold bonds  is from Indonesia Soekarno in the Neil Keenen Law suite on Financial Tyranny on David Wilcocks

Divine Cosmos Site here


3) British Arrestees and the phone tapping scandal

The Murdoch Family court case was revealing and produced arrests 60 in all and some high level police commissioners plus many top journalists and politicians

The latest being Rebecca Brooks and her Husband Charlie the Racehorse trainer plus 2 other s (policemen ) and 3 more ex News of the  world staff


4) 12 Branches of the Federal Reserve Liens and on ALL G7 Central Banks

All G7 Central banks have now also being in receipt of liens

Even Curacao here in the Caribbean has a lien on it which affects Nederlands Antilles


BIS ( Bank of International Settlements) and All other Central Banks Have liens place on their doorstep

No Arrests associated with these liens as of yet ( however it does lead to Bankster defections and arrests see next point)

5) Bankster Resignations Arrests and defections

American Kabuki have reported this to 611 total count as from the beginning of May

That complete list is Here


If you scour the list you will see the list contains a wealth of top people in major named banks which are household names in our sports and on our high streets globally and no country is missed from the list either

But we also know there is more than the current list

6) Vatican Butler/Bankster Exposed in Corruption is Arrested just yesterday 25th May


This is not the only scandal to rock the royal religious robbers of the 21st century

They are also wanted for crimes against humanity and sex scandals and children theft and killings in Ireland Belgium Holland Canada Spain and Italy


7) Whistleblowers turned spokesmen

Benjamin Fulford Nigel Farage Lord Blackheath Laura Eisenhower The Grand daughter  and illuminati Clone of the late President Eisenhower all speaking out with many many more

Here is Laura Eisenhower with the Man Alfred L Webre who found George Bush and Tony Blair Guilty of war crimes talking about Laura’s Experiences with the Cloning and time travel and the Illuminati

Plus more whistleblowers exposing the banks they work for and explaining about commonplace banking corruption and how they cannot abide their methods of corporate stealing from clients as in JP Morgan’s Greg Smith and Andrew McGuire


8) Todays new heroes

Here is the Benjamin Fulford & Nigel Farage blurb at the 10000 imminent arrests

This is what it is all about

If it wasn’t for people like these we would all be in the dark

9) Convictions in the International War Crimes Tribunal

HRH Queen of England

Ratzinger the Pope

Bush Blair Cheney Rumsfeld to mention a few

all found here in the side posts


10) Aliens ( not Liens ) and backworked corporate technology for ill gotten war gain and profit not for the people

If you donot see that these people who enslave us are not going to be arrested then you can kiss my little sweet spot


If they make anything of any value they use it on weaponry and war for profit

Rothschilds Rockefellers Royalty Dutch British Spanish Swedish German Are all in this together and must be toppled

This is what they are up to today in space form the last space X launch


So as soon as we start these arrests and it looks likely the wheels are in motion already then we can listen to DRAKE

on Freedom Reigns radio here and pass on his information on how to best be prepared for the take down of the evil rulers

http://freedomreigns.us/ALERTS.html as at the moment this site has little activity except some banter leading to the mass arrests

But it is meaningless as predictions made are not bearing any fruit at all

11) The New Golden Age as in the Mayan Calender and the message in the great Pyramids of Gisa

Then we can literally go into the next dimension and into the Golden Age as David Wilcock Brilliantly explains here

In one of his most special documentary’s

2012 Enigma Prophecies of a golden age 

12) Every thing we are taught is wrong

Nassim Haramein explains that his science lesson never went well when he was 9 years old and he saw the lies then

as in his great documentary on science here

13)  The Mass Arrests

It has begun already, but not going to my liking

Still Bullshit BBC CNN and mainstream media war mongering and strange distracting stories not worthy of news

Not enough big names arrested for me but here is some more

But I know Timothy Geitner Bill Gates George Bush SNR and Silviano Burlusconi have been temporarily detained for Questioning last month So the process is a large information gathering discipline

The difficulty being dark ones are still very much in control just now , until WE TAKE THEM DOWN

The good news is that Sarkozy is now exempt from Cover and diplomatic immunity now so he may just be next in the cage with Burlusconi where he belongs

14) Cosmic awakening and the masses downloading the light

Any way here is the latest yesterday from the Andromeda Coucil and their representative Tolec and what is really going on and what to expect and who is our true cosmic heritage.

15) What we can do?

Join a channeling group or pass a film on we need people to awaken and it is our duty to do this

No matter how crazy you may think people think of you

I have joined the Ashtar Command Crew and it resonates with me


This does not mean it is for you

What ever you feel is right ,,,,, is right

This is your New Golden Age your 4th and 5th Density shift

Where evil has no place

That is why the Mass Arrests are happening and continue to do so until we can open the box of reality

Here is THRIVE Please pass it on it is in 10 languages now