Sheldan Nidle : Released Conference Timeline : Mass Arrests : New Monetary System : UFO disclosure : Trial Dates : Secret Technology Releases :New Infrasstructure ; Contact : Abundance Packages : Ascended Masters

This data obtained from Sheldan Nidle Webinar #26 April 22, 2012.
Mid-Spring, 2012
* Mass Public Arrests
* Proclaim New Banking System
* New Governance in Power
* UFO Disclosure
Summer, 2012
* Trial Dates Set
* Release of Secret Technology
* New Business and Financial Infrastructure in Place
* Meetings With Earth-based Members of Space and  Spiritual  families
The following two items were not from Kauilapele’s blog, a reader who was at the seminar and took notes sent these:
Autumn, 2012
* Agarthans Meet Surface World
* Abundance is Common Place
* Prepare For Full Consciousness
Rest of 2012
* Complete Major Reforms
* Clean Gaia’s Air, Water & Soil
* First Contact Announcements
* Ascended Masters Manifest

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