Steve Beckow : Lightworkers Put on a pedestal, Don’t accept it : Wise words from Our trusted Lightworker Part 2 :This resonates with me

Pedestals and Other Perils of Lightwork – Part 2/2

2012 APRIL 22
Posted by Steve Beckow

Pedestals are for dead people and statues

(Continued from Part 1/2)

Thank you if you’ve stayed with me this long. I’m writing on this topic to find the source of my own exhaustion at this time and to point to some perils that “success” in lightwork can bring.

Managing the criticism that lightwork can attract is found at one pole of the perils associated with service. At the other end is dealing with being put on a pedestal.

If anyone is putting me or other lightworkers on a pedestal, I would request that you please stop. We put people on pedestals for various reasons, almost all relating to our own wants and needs.

Some interviewers put their guests on pedestals to establish themselves as having quality guests or “experts” on their show, to promote their own offerings, and so on. Lightworkers do so for many reasons, perhaps innocuous, perhaps not.

But the impact on the lightworker so captured and constrained can be painful for a variety of reasons and does no one in the end much good.

It demeans the person raising the other up. It promotes codependency and dysfunctionality. It erects a barrier between the one being raised and the one doing the raising. It deprives the one being raised of choice, freedom, growth, and contact. The negative impacts of pedestalling seem to go on and on. “Don’t fence me in” surely applies here.

If as a lightworker you’re being invited to mount a pedestal, I’d recommend that you be wary of accepting.

Climbing onto a pedestal is a trap, a form of confinement. More times than not, adulation carries a price in deference. It corrodes one’s better sense of one’s self and leaves one open to arrogance, conceit and all manner of difficult psychological conditions.

It makes people afraid of the one raised up. It skews behavior and relationships. It’s altogether unwise and not something fated to last into our future.

I’m not an enlightened person. And really, as far as I can see, only people of enlightenment – and an advanced state of enlightenment at that – can serve as spiritual teachers or mentors. When I’ve turned down requests that I somehow mentor another, which I’m not suited to do, I’ve excited disappointment, resentment, and reprisal.

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