The Galactic Federation of Light : are cleansing the skies of Chemtrails : have a transcript of this for us to read and will post rest later

From The Palaidians 17th March 2012

As has been said before, we do not manifest the Lighted and Loving energies that see the breaking up of such chemtrails, rather we use our many ascended technologies to bring the Lighted energies that you have all been manifesting, through to be disseminated in your skies and used to break up and cleanse in a special and advanced way the chemtrails and other pollutants that they are sent out to cleanse.

To those inhabiting the areas that are receiving the cleansing we speak of, it will look to you like an almost foggy, cloudlike and transparent white ray of energy. Such anomalies have been explained away on your world before, to keep employed an ignorance of what such cloudlike rays truly are and their purposes in your skies.

As always, you are given half-truths and taught to believe that anything which could be outside the paradigm of your natural understanding must fit in your limited sphere of knowledge and as such, anything is pushed into such limited spheres of knowledge.

This energy is visible most of the time as for those who are aware of the chemtrails and what they truly are, we wish you to see, know and realize that in your area, the chemtrails are being broken up. This acts again in accordance with what Lighted actions can be taken in any given area. At times this energy will be hidden, but you will nevertheless notice the breaking up of the chemtrails and their resulting fade-away from your skies.

Whereas the chemtrails used to expand and criss-cross the skies, they are now being dissolved away as if they were simple contrails, and you will notice at times the Lighted ray of cloudlike energy around the chemtrails, breaking them up and assuring that they do not pollute your atmosphere and air.

Along with the importance of abiding to the freewill of the collective consciousness of any souls in any areas of the surface of Gaia, it is also important that we receive the proper amount and purity of energies in any given area to be able to perform such a task


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