Henry Mackow : Putin’s Russia : Illuminati Controlled and Corrupt : Henry Goes where others do not dare to tread



please put to one side that The Bush cartel and Clinton puppets are just as fed up with the Rothschilds as the Queen is and this may put some light on the massive rift going on as to who owns what

And what Putin’s part in all of this is “He is Abramovich’s Cashier”

I will be posting the Bush side of all this in the NAZI set up DVD Dachau, Deutche Vertiedigungs Dienst

later today

This will complement this article and offer clarity that since the end of WW2

The Russians and Nazi’s have never stopped ruling over our interests and had one great big catch up left to carry out

And guess what they are nearly there

The NAZI Bush family faction own all UK & US major Business now including our railways

Please read Henry’s version first


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