British Propaganda at work with the BBC: Liverpool Journalist interviewed in his Bed by BBC this week

Conroy a fake Liverpool Journalist shoots himself in the foot and exposes how the BBC NATO propaganda war machine really works

He proudly shows himself off with known Lybia Terrorists in the Liverpool Echo 2 months earlier and then is interviewed faking his injuries calling for NATO support in Syria on the BBC this week.

This shows exactly how the BBC war propaganda machine in action

This guy is a terrorist in disguise as a journalist ( or vice-versa ) who entered Syria illegally and was scooped out of Syria to Lebanon and sponsored by the Western Corporate War engine room.

You only need to see one of these examples to clearly feel the rhetoric from Western War Cabalists

If you add this to the obvious Indian flags seen in the BBC news trying to show rebels in action in Lybia ( which the BBC apologised for ) then how can such a supposed important news team get footage from India and accidentaly insert it into a story about Lybia then has only one meaning

BBC Propaganda and here is Conroy doing it all over again

Do not trust the BBC please it would be a mistake



One comment on “British Propaganda at work with the BBC: Liverpool Journalist interviewed in his Bed by BBC this week

  1. Dear Lightworkersxm,
    Thanks you for your post, Not many people are aware Channel 4 is actually state owned. They try to hide this by having adverts, but Channel 4 programming is ultimately controlled by the state as the BBC’s is.

    Channel 4 programming is often very left-wing, I remember they showed a documentary which was completely biased and portrayed British people as being lazy scum and Eastern Europeans as being hard working and intellligent, they often show programmes attacking people with an anti-immigration stance and they now show “” in the evening, which gives people with left-wing views (its ALWAYS left-wing views) a platform on the TV for 5 minutes to broadcast their views to the nation.

    The BBC tends to be more unbiased in its reporting and objective, but Channel 4 on the other hand is unapologetically left wing in bias.
    I’ll be back to read more next time

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