The latest News : Web site has been off for one week ; so here is an update : Disclosure is now happening like wild fire

Sorry to have been absent and I have missed so many posts

He is a quick broad over view of what we have all missed

Disclosure has accelerated and looks promising

So much so That I will have to adjust the web site to include another 2 pages on the tabs at the top

These will help me sift through the wealth of information now coming in from our sources

The most major news is that Prince Harry has agreed to take over the British Royal Family in April

He agreed this with the White Hats Society this means that I will be posting news to this effect

The next news is the outstanding amount of Bankster CEO’s and Cheifs that have resigned in 2 weeks I will post on this today too

I will couple my post to include the massive amount of chiefs of massive corporations that have resigned and jumped ship this week

So too I will find the best article that covers all the arrests and all of the trillion dollar thefts from Spain Italy and UK that links to The culprits being from Davos and The Italian Governments and the Federal Reserve Thieves

If all this is not enough I will advise you of the massive rise in UFO’s in the sky which have now been confirmed sent by the Galactic Federation of Light to whom I am a contact party Also I know of one more reptilian Base that was destroyed on Monday near India

Plus more on UFO”S Earthquakes relative to our disclosure and ascension AND other man made weather wars

Finally the next news article I will be posting is the Arrests of major ex prime ministers and Presidents and top officials that will take place all by 31st March so that disclosure can proceed unabated, this is expected to start happening with in february and contin ue unabated for one month until all the cabal are where they cannot flex muscles on us again

Please read Benjamin Fulford’s last post on monday it trully is incredible reading and it is now at last happening

Keep your eyes out for any information on Lord Sassoon and Lord Blackheath and post to me any information you receive please



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