David Wilcock: At last Part 3 is here ; Please read with care and if you have not read parts 1 & 2 then please do so on Devine Cosmos


This is a very compelling article and the length of it deserves time

There are hundreds of sections

a suggestion for you to comprehend the length of this article If I may be so bold as to tip here

skip the events you are aware of and scroll and read what you know nothing of

I for one skipped most the Illuminati and Freemason bit and the Rothschild and Rockerfeller bits

As I have updated knowledge to hand plus many clips I have already knowledge of and posted on this site

The gold is a riveting read so too the Silvi disclosure of the Illuminati training

The child porn typifies the Vatican and it’s cover ups

Use your own discretion here please

ALL OF This will playout this year and is a direct reference to

direct changes this year that will form what we know and want to see as DISCLOSURE of the highest order

IE: the bringing down of the dark side is now in full swing


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