Disclosure 2012 What we expect will be uncovered this year and a positive timeline for what and when we expect it

From June 2nd this year

Light Workers SXM which are 4 light workers for the Caribbean uncovered the following in 2011 as a wake up call

1) HAARP Chemtrails and Weather manipulation

2) the Financial Collapse

3) the list of Attendees for the June 10th Bilderberg meeting

4) Fracking for Natural Gas  and Earthquakes Causes and mass toxic chemicals used in the drilling for gas

5) Wether used as a political weapon of mass destruction meaning Earthquakes and Volcanoes and Tornadoes Sink Holes all caused by HAARP proven with Dutch Sinse on Youtube on many many occasions this year

6) the elite plans of new world order Written on the Georgia Guide Stones that show the New World Order seek to Kill 6 Billion people on the planet and enslave the remainder 500 million under NWO

7) Alien life is wholesome through out the Galaxies

8) all wars are Rothschild Royalty organized and funded for 300 or more years and is good corporate business and is THE PLAN of the NWO

So what more could we predict for 2012 and here goes:

1) Disclosure after Financial collapse of Europe and the introduction of a new currency by April this year and the collapse of the US and Europe as we know it

2) Alien visitation from  planet Tacoma by June this year

3) mass global demonstrations in all countries by August this year

4) UFO to be normal every day sitings by September 2012

5) mass arrests of huge figure heads all year long I could name many here maybe as a new post when the first ones come in We will upgrade this with names

6) mass global  consciousness uprising by April May June this year

7) Big change in the Monarchy UK IE abdication and total restructureby my birthday April 2nd 2012

That will keep you busy for now

And there I have now stuck my head out the window for you



One comment on “Disclosure 2012 What we expect will be uncovered this year and a positive timeline for what and when we expect it

  1. And even if this does not come out.. Something big will happen.. Big changes will come..I don’t know how to stick to dates.. I think it would be cool to predict, but i think that my ego that wants that,because i would like others to see I’m right on what i say.. Let it be,, It will come.
    Peace world wide

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