Bombshell : Barack Obama : Confirmed he and his family is a CIA creation : Do the research now and find more

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Benjamin Fulford ; Breaking News : Out of the box negotiations happening now 12 breakthroughs MUST READ

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Alex Jones : World depopulation agenda article by obvious Illuminati Scientists : Now let us all just think for a minute, 3Million square miles sq of land in Australia: 640 acres per sq mile: Do the maths

with 2,941,299 square miles of land in Australia

with 640 acres per square mile

This equal 1.9 billion acres of land

Divide by 6+billion people gives 0.33 acres for every person on this planet in Australia alone

Do the research and do the maths

Depopulation is Utter Utter Nonsense

Just like Al Gore’s Global Warming Scam

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Meeting Details: Practical Free Energy Meeting Minutes from Saturday’s meeting 28th January 2012 : 8.00am : Simpson Bay SXM

Those present 28th Jan  2012 8.00am  Brett’s place Simpson Bay SXM.

Brett, Dave,  Richard and Aida, Andy, Ian, Herbert, Anthony, Andre, Roger.

Those not present : Erjon

1) Practical Free energy device # 1

The Cell Phone charger ( energy found in the vacuum of space)

Andy will command this small invention and shall look into the rudiments of increasing the size of the charging device

Therefore once the initial device can charge a cell phone or light a light from the energy in the air, then a mid size device will be made and a larger one can be conceived from scrap or recycled materials

First demonstration will be hopefully within 2 weeks time depending on Ian’s travel plans

Based on principles and specification on this short video clip

2) Practical Free Energy device #2

The Bedini Wheel ( magnetic rotating wheel and coil which will charge a small battery or provide light

Ian will attempt to create this device which is a magnetic flow battery charging device based on something similar in view on this short clip

No estimate in time was discussed ( 2-4 weeks?)  on this device however much attention will be made to source all components from scrap or recycling from Ex motor parts.

3)Practical Free Energy Device #3

Tom Bearden’s Motionless electromagnetic generator

Herbert has requested to delve in deeper into the practicality of this device and the long term implications of producing it with as much scrap material as possible

Here is the Patent

Here is the prototype scroll down page until the item comes into view

I will be contacting Tom Bearden in Vancouver in person over the next week

To see if we can have his permission to attempt to make this device and if he will offer any additional support and advice for us


Good luck to Andy and Ian with the experimental & practical  works on  Practical Free Energy Devices #’ 1 & 2

Good Luck to Herbert in his investigations into Tom Bearden’s motionless device #3

If you need help and time ( elbow equity)  please just call for help from Brett, Dave, Richard, Herbert, Roger, Erjon

A list of all contact details of contributors and attendees will be emailed separately

Thanks to all contributors at the meeting

The next meeting will be set once Ian or Andy have near complete devices for demonstration &  or professional scrutiny.