Breaking News Sint Maarten St Martin

To all

Gaetan has now been confirmed as in France with his family

before xmas myself and some others got very concerned with Gaetans behaviour being excessive and strange

I can confirm that Simon and I called his brother thanks to links provided by Brett

His brother turned up 2 days later form Bordeaux

he is now in France and  the rest is history

Please can every one please wish Gaetan luck and wisdom to get well soon

Thanks for all your concern and a special thanks to all of you who contributed in care thought and effort to get the problem resolved

Cheers to all of you we all love Gaetan



3 comments on “Breaking News Sint Maarten St Martin

  1. Who the he’ll is Gaeten?

    I’ve nit been well myself. Doctor said I have bronchitis. Nor had a voice for 3 weeks! Some would say that’s nit a bad thing! Just hot back from Christmas at my sisters in Preston with Dan the Man. Did you have a good one?

    • Hi Trish
      I am happy to say I do not get the British desease Bronchitis anymore one of my reasons for leaving your country
      Nor arthritis Nor am I subject to the lies from your media on the TV and newspapers ,,
      So life is a but more real here than in blighty
      Gaetan was a friend of mine who went rapidly down hill on Crack cocaine which has been a stressful 4 months for us.
      I and a team of people were instrumental in contact with the family in France and we got their attention they arrived in 48 hours across the pond.
      Gaetan was a computer scientist and fixed many laptops that fall in the water here over 5 years of knowing him
      he looked like death when we all last saw him and was destined for death
      He is now safe with his family and the end of all our stress
      has helped us have some joy at last this xmas
      3 weeks is a terribly long time to have bronchitis and
      I get many hundreds of emails on my new site about HAARP and Chemtrails called weather modification or Geoengineering
      It does look unhealthy place to be in the skies of all of europe at the moment
      the chemtrails are full of Barium Aluminium and strontium
      as we have done lab tests here but Europe is far worse than here as all photos received suggest.
      My site has labels at the side so if you are bed bound please do some research to what i am saying please
      My site is updated every day with news relaive music humour and then the darkside
      that is closing down this coming year and you will know more
      about that the more you open to new news not on the TV
      Please if you do not want to know what really is going on then at least
      use the humour and music sections you will chuckle at least updated daily

      I hope you do not get too lonely now without Alan
      You have been a dear friend of mine for many years now and long may that continue

      lots of love and Hope for speedy recovery is on the cards
      Say HI Dan the Man
      Lots of love to him too

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