Finian Cunningham: Journalist ( a supporter of Light Workers SXM) latest article on Libya on Global Research

Please see the link to read Finian’s latest view on Libya

Finian Cunningham is now on location in Eritrea was evicted from Bahrain earlier in the year for reporting the truth about US backed Saudi Brutality in Bahrain over the genuine protesters  who where merely protesting poverty and price hikes and government corruption.

The treatment forced on them was at least barbaric and at best illegal

The Arresting and jailing of 20 or more nurses for merely doing their job and treating people injured in the protests, their crime was clear ,, treating protesters was in the governance eyes, crime itself, never have I heard such draconian rules.

Finian whose articles will be kept on file in the Modern Warfare  tag to the left hand side or Finian’s own tag at the side, should you like his forthright, upfront and structured look at the dark-side in action globally

Global warfare news can be found at the where many like minded journalists reveal a totally different world than is portrayed in the mainstream media.

From these articles and the information gleaned from reading them, opens the “Lie doorway” in mainstream media and it is much easier to see ‘the cover up and plan’ they have adopted to support Rothschild owned and dictated news formats.

Daily visits to this site are highly recommended

Love and Peace

Dave Stewart


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